In episode 38 of The Robby Row Show I sit down with Doctor Peter Fadde who is a professor and director of the Learning Systems Design and Technology (LSDT) graduate program at Southern Illinois University. Peter and I met in May of this year when he came and gave a presentation on Pitch Recognition to the Southern Illinois Miners baseball team which I was apart of at the beginning of the year.

I immediately told myself that I would eventually get Peter on the podcast because some of the stuffhe was talking about is the stuff I totally geek out on.

* Flow State
* GameSense
* Body/Mind Awareness
* Expertise Based Training
* System 1 and System 2 Training
* Prefrontal Cortex Training
* Stress Responders Limit Performance
* Visualization
* Optimizing Overall Performance

Listen in as Peter and I totally geek out on some of the tools that we as athletes can utilize to help us become a better performer.

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