Paul Reddick – Episode 26

In todays episode of The Robby Row Show I sit down with Paul Reddick to chat a little bit about his backstory and how he has gotten to the position he is in today. Paul helps pitchers throw harder. Because of the results of the pitchers that use his many books, courses and instruction Paul is known as the Master of MPH. Paul has served as a scout for Pittsburgh Pirates, a state delegate for USA Baseball and coached in the Montreal Expo farm system. His signature velocity increase course The 90mph Club is used by more pitchers than any other single pitching training program. Definitely want to tune into this one!

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All the links that have been spoken in this podcast you can find at www.therobbyrowshow.com/paulreddick/

The Robby Row Show – Episode 26

Introduction of Guest – Paul Reddick
* What is your story?
* What did you learn as a player that you applied as a coach?
* How did you find your passion for coaching?

Subject – Mentors
* Who were the influential people in your life?
* What are some of the things that stuck out to you?

Subject – Youth Velocity
* How is your program set up?
* What do you offer in terms of velocity building?
* Why is velocity being so demanded now?

Subject – Parent/Son Relationship
* How can this relationship determine the athletes success?
* What do parents need to be a better job of?