Seeking out information is absolutely fantastic and I will always encourage it but at the same time you will do yourself a disservice if you’re constantly trying to change more n more things. This is such a fine line and I really hope that I don’t come off like I’m contradicting myself because of all the information that I do want to supply via my Website, IG, and Podcast.

I think the disconnect on the instruction side of Baseball is that we as instructors want to supply sooo much info to athletes that it can become information overload and we maybe do more harm than good. I believe there needs to be an understanding/relationship between the Instructor and Athlete to best understand the most efficient way we can get the Athlete to attain his goals. 

Obviously this depends on the individual that’s receiving the information. I know for me personally I failed at this because I absorbed a ton of information in regards to pitching and I tried to apply it all at once which led to me “over-thinking” on the mound and getting away from competing to get the guy at the dish OUT! 

Information is a broad term here. I want to be clear that I’m not stating that an athlete shouldn’t seek out information nor a coach supply that athlete with information. There just should be an understanding of that “fine line.”

Yes, as an instructor I see multiple areas in which Pitchers can improve on thru the use of Lessons or Analysis Work. But I also see a lot of kids who can be too “mechanical” and for me that is the last thing I want in my athletes. Like I say in the video.. lets find the biggest thing that’s holding you back and lets focus on that until we proceed to the next thing. 

I’m personally very passionate about this subject because it wasn’t until I was about 23 and 5 years into Pro Ball where I figured out that I didn’t HAVE to apply all the information that I was seeking. I was able to filter out the things that I knew weren’t applicable to me and harness the things that potentially were. Here’s some videos to help you better understand this dynamic..











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