Much like the Infielder Mechanical Analysis I did a few months back I realized I have never previewed an Outfielders Mechanical Analysis. In this article you will find a few video breakdowns on what I look for when working with an outfielder on optimizing his throwing mechanics as well as his body to maximize his power output. You will also find a video breakdown on Aaron Judge + Cody Bellinger’s throwing mechanics! If you’re interested in signing up for an Analysis be sure to click Mechanical Analysis Service.

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Outfielder Mechanical Analysis

Here’s a video of a mechanical screening I did for a client who struggles with his throwing velocity from the outfield. As you will see in the video the athlete doesn’t make great use of his Hip Rotation Mechanics to increase his separation which would give him a tremendous amount of rotational power that leads to throwing velocity. In this video you will also see videos that highlight the throwing mechanics of Mookie Betts + Cody Bellinger. Let’s take a look.





Now I want to show a video I did on the same topic of throwing mechanics from outfielders Cody Bellinger + Aaron Judge. Let’s take a look.






Here’s one more video on the hardest thrown ball ever recorded from the outfield coming from Aaron Hicks and registering at 105 MPH! Watch what he does extremely well in his throwing mechanics.





If you want personalized 1 on 1 feedback of your pitching mechanics like you will see in the video below I’d encourage you to explore the option of signing up for a Mechanical Analysis. If you want to save $100 on personalized monthly workout programs designed to equip you with the required stability and efficient movement quality to throw hard click 90 MPH Formula Remote ProgrammingAnd lastly, if you want an entire eBook dedicated to efficiently developing velocity click Velocity Development eBook.


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