In episode 67 of The Robby Row Show I bring on Nick Pollack who’s the creator of Pitcher List! I highly encourage all of you to check out what Nick has created in Pitcher List. I will include the links to all his social media, podcast, and website below for you guys to check that out.

Nick and I talk about how Pitcher List was created and how it has evolved over the years. We also dive into the world of Fantasy Baseball which was super fun for me. I believe it was the first time that I’ve talked Fantasy Baseball on my Podcast so this was a really fun episode for me.

See below for topics of todays show, Nick’s links in where you can find him, as well as todays episode sponsor info!

Topics In Todays Show
* Pitcher List Start
* Writing
* Bold Predictions
* Hot Takes
* MLB Rule Changes
* DH Both Leagues
* Over Performer Predictions
* Under Performer Predictions
* World Series Predictions
* CY Young Predictions
* Sign Off

Nick Pollack (Pitcher List) Links

Website – PitcherList.com
IG – instagram.com/pitcherlist
Twitter – twitter.com/pitcherlist
Podcast – “On The Corner”

Sponsors – VeloPro Belt (Big League Edge)

Website – https://www.veloprosportsus.com/velopro-baseball/
Instagram – instagram.com/bigleagueedge
Discount – Email Me ([email protected])

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