Hey guys, this was a blog post I wrote awhile back for a separate website but thought I’d share with you! My faith is my most important part of me. Without my faith, I am lost in a constant identity battle.

Robby Rowland Guest Post For TAA

Hello all my name is Robby Rowland and I am a professional baseball player. I only start my introduction like that because it’s what the world wants to hear. Who are you? Are you important? Do you have a social status in the world to make me think I should listen to you? Here’s the thing, my name is Robby Rowland and I am a child of God. The most important thing about my life is that I have a relationship with the God of the universe and I want you (the reader) to know that you can too.

This piece won’t just be about how to become a professional baseball player or even how to become a Christian. What I want to write about is how to manage being a bible believing Christian and a hard working individual working towards a lifelong goal.

As far back as I can remember I was always involved in the game. My dad had played professionally so I was always around it. My love for the game continued to grow as I became strong enough to actually pick up some of my dads gloves, bats, and balls. I didn’t really know what else to do besides baseball. When I approached high school I started to get more serious with the thought of taking my talents to the next level. That couldn’t be done without the constant drive and determination that I had. I had always enjoyed the work that had to be put in. I had no problem staying late after practices or even showing up before practices to get extra work in. Being a pitcher there isn’t a whole lot that I can do but trust me I found things to do.

Growing up I was never forced to go to church or any of the sunday schools. My parents felt that if that was something I wanted to pursue then I would come to faith on my own. I was always so busy when I was younger between baseball and basketball I never really had much time to even think about God. Or so I thought..

Fast forward to May of 2015, I had gotten drafted out of high school, I had accomplished a major goal of mine but quickly realized it would be harder than I thought to advance in the professional ranks. Little fish big pond type stuff. After being traded and released I wound up with an organization that gave me a great opportunity. The reason I fast forward to this particular month in this particular year was because this is when I came to faith. I was starting to see with my own eyes the work God was doing around me and through me. It was apparent that He wanted to establish a relationship with me. He was putting me around other believers that I didn’t even know just to get me! The minute I gave my life to Christ I felt a sense of a burden being released. I had always grown up with the notion that if I don’t make it in baseball then I didn’t make it in life. Jesus showed and is showing me that there is much more to life than baseball.

I often look back at my life and see the moments where I believe Jesus was reaching out and in my stubbornness I ignored the call. I think it’s funny how sometimes we tend to get caught up so much in our job or life and forget who the author of life is. As I am writing this I am still playing professional baseball. I am still living out a childhood dream. I’ve been blessed with a great gift and also great opportunities to put that gift on display. The only difference now is that I am worshipping the Giver of those gifts and not myself.

Being an athlete is often tough when it comes to portraying faith. We work so many hours to get better at our specific craft. Some will say that it’s the individual who should get all the recognition for the work they put in. I would say that all the recognition goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve dropped the ball on this thing called life. Even in baseball i’ve had terrible seasons followed by bad season causing a crazy roller coaster affect in my life. But you know what has stayed constant in my life? My relationship with Christ has allowed me to see what my real purpose here on earth is. At the end of the day no bad game is going to define me of who I am or what I am worth. My worth is in Christ who has freed me from death. No matter what happens to me, to you, we have a home in heaven and that’s something far greater to look forward to than a baseball game.

If it seems that since turning my life over to Christ I may have let off the gas pedal in my athletic career then let me reassure the opposite. I believe that believers in Christ should be the hardest workers out there. We have a common goal in playing/living for something bigger than just trophies or accolades. We are playing to worship the God of universe. What more could you ask for. I work my tail off because I know God has given me this amazing gift and now it’s on me to do something with it. Same goes for whoever is reading this right now. You have a gift. If you don’t know it yet I encourage you to do some soul seeking and find it because it’s in there. Once you find it, understand that it’s a gift from God and He wants you to put it on display for the whole world to see.

In closing I would like to encourage those who have read this to take a moment and realize all the blessings in your life. I encourage you to take a step back in this hectic world and realize how blessed you are to be breathing. Change your perspective on how things are. God has got you. Nothing in this world can give you the comfort that God can give you. Nothing can satisfy you as much as living a life glorifying to God. Trust me, i’ve done both. I hope in reading this that I have inspired and motivated you to be encouraged. I pray that God blesses you and your families.

Thank you for taking the time to read this piece and please reach out with any questions or comments. My instagram is robbyrow12.

God Bless,

Robby Rowland