Throughout the course of the last year working with Dr. Josh Heenan we’ve continuously had discussions regarding the pitching delivery and what we both look for when evaluating athletes. We’ve gone back n forward on some of the industries disconnects as well as some missing links that would benefit certain athletes greatly.

In the video below we will be discussing an interesting dynamic that isn’t always highly regarded when looking at the delivery of an athlete. As instructors it’s really easy to just tell an athlete to move a certain way or do a certain thing without fully understanding that athlete’s movement potential. What Dr. Heenan and I will be discussing today is how it’s important to identify the reasons behind an athlete’s deficiencies and how maybe to really get the athlete to do what you want it’s not necessarily about work that needs to be done on the mound.

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Now we’ll be taking a look at two videos in regards to authentic movement capacity. First one will be more of an explainer while the second one will be an analysis client who struggles with this as well. Take a look..









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