Today I’ll talk about a self proclaimed theory that glove arm aggression could potentially be leading to the bodies misdirection within the drive phase of the pitching delivery. I’ve talked a lot about the efficient positions that we want to get into during our delivery one being the hip hinge. If you’re struggling with owning this positioning then I’d encourage you to reassess your initial move and see if that’s something worth changing to clean up the direction of your body towards home plate.

As I talked about in the Drive Leg Constraint Drill article I do believe that when our energy isn’t going towards our target we are losing potentially velocity.

Note that this isn’t for every pitcher because I know there’s a lot of us who have really aggressive glove sides. But I’m always one who looks at multiple phases of the delivery to determine where we can potentially spend time optimizing.



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As I stated above I believe this could be a factor for some individuals but definitely not everyone that has a pretty aggressive glove side. I think if you’re struggling with that hinge movement in your delivery and you’ve already identified you can get your body into that position then this could maybe be something worth exploring for yourself.




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