This video was from 2017 and I couldn’t quite understand why I could easily pulldown high 90’s but remain low 90’s off the mound.. Something was definitely breaking down when I stepped onto the mound.

For me personally there’s more than one component to this.. as you guys know I’ve recently had Lat Surgery due to an injury that occurred more than likely due to a compensation issue as @drheenan and I have elaborated on plenty of times.

When it comes to finding optimal movement patterns we first have to look at can the athlete get himself into specific positions and own them.. once assessed there then we determine if it’s a motor control issue or just engrained non optimal movement patterns for whatever reason..

For me I just wasn’t moving properly at this point in my career.. throughout different stages in my career i’ve been able to throw in the mid-high 90’s.. this was a time where I was low 90’s due to the inability to move efficiently on the mound due to whatever reason..

I showed over n over again in my long toss, run n guns, and pulldowns that I have the ability to move efficiently there was just the inability to do so on the mound. This, in my opinion, is where we can insert some specific drill work to engrain efficient movement patterns throughout the delivery.