Been getting a ton of questions regarding Arm Path ever since I posted about my Arm Path Makeover – From 85 To 95 MPH which I’d encourage you to check out if you have yet to do so. Now there will be videos below but I want to rant a bit because I love this subject so I’d encourage you to read along.

The majority of the questions I get typically are in the realm of “What’s Better?” I think as humans, especially those who aren’t satisfied with where they’re at, look for the next best option. I know I do that a lot as well.. not just in life but in the game of baseball also. “What’s the best pre-start routine?” “What’s the best offspeed pitch to throw?” What I love about the game of Baseball is there are RARELY any absolutes! What one guy does to have success at a high level doesn’t guarantee success to the guy who replicates. I think this is what also makes the Instruction side of the game extremely difficult. There’s not really much black n white to this thing. Now of course there’s “Biomechanically Efficient” and there’s staples that we want to do throughout our delivery that maximize our power as well as our timing. But it’s not a “one size fits all” type thing we’re dealing with here.

For me, on the instruction side, I put a lot of emphasis into doing my best to identify certain things that an athlete does that flat out just makes him who he is. That could be Arm Path or even a unique ability to throw extremely across his body (see Jake Arrieta + Jared Weaver). Now obviously we want to help aid in Mechanical Efficiency but we also don’t want to take away certain things that makes an athlete who he is. Now this is another tough dynamic because it depends on the athlete, right? If he is always extremely sore or hurt from throwing then an overhaul is needed. If he has a Mechanical Breakdown on the Mound then we’ll need to make adjustments. But for the guy who maybe already Commands the Ball exceptionally well or his Velocity Development has gone through the roof, I don’t see fit for a complete overhaul. One of these days I’m going to do a full Blog post on my journey in Pro Ball highlighting the amount of times people (with good intentions) have attempted to drastically change the way I threw. But for now you can listen to Episode 1 of The Robby Row Show where I dive into my FULL journey! Well up until the date of the episode.

Ok let’s get into the actual breakdown now. I chose Nick Anderson of the Tampa Bay Rays because he’s drastically different than someone like a Joe Kelly but both throw with extremely high power output so it’s always fun to breakdown.


Are you someone that struggles with throwing the baseball fast? How about commanding the baseball? Well I believe this is where an Mechanical Video Analysis can be extremely beneficial. Also would encourage you to take a look at the Blog I did on A Common Mechanical Breakdown Seen on The Mound and possibly explore the option of purchasing that eBook to help aid in your efficiency.

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