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In Person Pitching Lessons

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I have gotten a lot of requests for In-Person Pitching Lessons from individuals that are in my area so I thought I’ll go ahead and create an option for us to work together IF and only IF you’re in my area or are planning on being in my area.

Where Am I? – I’m currently in Omaha, NE.

Where Will The Lessons Be? – I have just partnered with Dynamic Velocity of Omaha and they’ve allowed me to utilize their space + equipment. You can check their website out here – https://dynamicvelo.com – If the Lesson calls for an in-depth Long Toss breakdown + session we will do the lesson at either a local park, baseball field, or football field. You can email me to decide what the best place is for the both of us to meet for a session like this. Our first session will ALWAYS be at Dynamic Velocity.

What To Expect? – I take a lot of pride in the fact my individual lessons are NEVER “cookie cutter.” I’ve seen too many Pitching Lesson scams do to the instructor implementing the same ideas + coaching methods to every athlete. I find extreme value in getting to know the athlete and creating a relationship in order to completely understand what it is that we need to work on each time we meet for a lesson. Every individual is different in how they throw a baseball and the type of drills/tools/terminology they need to maximize their ability. This is something that I’ve learned throughout my 9 years in Professional Baseball.

I’m Interested! Now What? – After you purchase this option you will be getting an email that has a few questions for you to answer. The questions are designed for me to get a better idea of who you are and how to go about best helping you in your Pitching Career. The questions are also designed to get an idea of the best possible day/time we can meet for a lesson.

Further Questions – If you have any further questions regarding Pitching Lessons you can email me at contactrobbyrow@gmail.com so I can further assist you! Just make sure in the Subject Field you type “Pitching Lessons” so I know it’s very urgent.

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