I feel like it’s important I do this article because of the generation we’re currently in. I mean think about it.. when I was growing up (I feel old) there was not really a huge importance behind “pitching lessons” instead there was just a huge importance behind playing as many sports as possible. Now I won’t get into that whole dynamic but I do want to provide some insights on how I approach In Person Pitching Lessons. I will also provide some video to give you a better understanding of what I’m referring to.

First I want to establish a relationship with the athlete. I want to make sure that he can feel comfortable with me at all times. Gaining the trust of the athlete is in my opinion the most important piece to all of this. Once you gain trust, you gain comfort, and once you gain comfort, you tap into the athlete’s ability to be at his very best. Along with this comes the importance behind identifying how the athlete is going to process information. It’s my job to understand the athlete in order to get the most out of him but what this process also does is places an emphasis behind self identification for the athlete. Self identification is a HUGE component towards success especially in the game of baseball. Here’s a video highlighting this point.





Next I want to establish total freedom. This kind of goes hand in hand with the first thing but this is more on the side of physical freedom. I’ll provide a video clip to hopefully make more sense of this.





I feel like once you can get the athlete to not have to worry about any type of failure in a lesson setting then you’ll start to see more freedom which in turn will lead to better execution and overall fun. Another example of this comes in the form of mental restrictions. I want to make sure that the athlete is not restricting himself from a mental standpoint as well. Here’s a video example of this.





Next thing is I want to make sure the athlete can understand the process of self identification of good reps and bad reps. Meaning I want to start training him to be his own instructor. I feel as if it’s important to equip him with the tools to do everything we’re doing in a lesson setting on his own at some point in his development. I place a great deal of importance behind making sure we’re doing the right things with the right athlete. If we’re just doing “things” then we’re basically guessing on the athlete’s development. I don’t like to guess.. I want to make sure everything we are doing is precise and intentional towards the athlete becoming a better thrower. Here’s a video.






As I mentioned earlier I believe it’s extremely crucial to start understanding the individual so we can be intentional with our time together. Wanted to give you an example of what that actually looks like. This client I’ve been working with for a couple years so I have a good idea of how he processes information and what he needs to be successful. Take a look.






Now a lot of the other components are more individual specific so we won’t go into those but hopefully this provides a good understanding for how I approach at least the beginning stages of in person lessons. If you want to sign up be sure to check out the links below!






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