Wanted to go over a fairly common mechanical breakdown that I see amongst youth athletes. We all want to throw hard but we don’t quite know exactly how to move in such a way that will allow our bodies to be able to do that.

As I talked about in the article Mechanical Efficiency Found in Long Toss it’s pretty common to see a youth athlete’s body sync up more powerfully when either long tossing or performing a pulldown throw. The thing we’ll be focused on here is this particular athletes inability to stabilize the Drive Leg in his initial move which leads to a huge loss in potential power output aka velocity.

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Drive Leg Instability





The Initial Move


As stated in the beginning of that breakdown I believe the initial move is a huge indicator for success setting up the rest of the delivery. More often times than not if the athlete has a poor initial move then he’s going to be fighting an uphill battle throughout the rest of the throwing motion.

In this case you see the athlete struggles with balance as he reaches peak leg lift which causes him to “fall” instead of “drive” down the mound.

This gets cleaned up during his pulldown throw due to the added force from the shuffle on that back foot.




Drill Progressions For This Athlete


  • Single Leg Balance
  • Single Leg Squat 2 Box
  • Step Back Throws
  • Reverse Lunge Throws
  • Curtsy Lunge Throws




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