Today I want to talk about what I mean when I say “late acceleration” or even just the terminology I use often in simply optimizing the pitching delivery. I know a lot of people hear me throw around phrases like “move efficiently” and “optimal positioning” so I wanted to further elaborate on that and provide a visual; even though sometimes concepts like this are tough to grasp. I’ll break it all down in the video below but first want to include some content for consideration if you haven’t checked these articles out yet.

Below I’ll also talk about having “Movement Capacity” to own certain moves throughout the delivery. If you fall in that category of not being able to authentically own certain movements then I’d encourage you to explore the option of purchasing my Mobility Routine eBook to get working on your movement capacity and mobility.

If you want more details on what I mean when I talk about “Movement Capacity” then check out this free article on Movement Capacity w/ Dr. Heenan.

If you want personal 1 on 1 feedback of your Pitching Mechanics make sure you check out my Analysis Service.



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Optimize The Delivery






Randy Sullivan on Optimizing Delivery Before Intent




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Randy Sullivan – Pitching Optimization – Florida Baseball Ranch 





As most of you are probably wondering how to go about correcting this issue or even optimizing your own pitching delivery, I feel as if it’s unfair to my Mechanical Analysis clients to provide this information for free so I’d encourage you to sign up for your Analysis today so we can go about correcting this issue and get get you optimizing your delivery! Also note that everyone is going to be different in how they move and what their limitations are. That’s why it’s important to get a personalized optimization outline which can be done via my Analysis Service.

I also have a ton of great drills outlined in my Plyo Ball Drills + Routines eBookBe sure to grab your copy today!




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