In episode 23 of The Robby Row Show I speak with Lantz Wheeler on all things pitching. What I love about this episode is that Lantz takes all the complexities of pitching mechanics and really simplifies it for his athletes to understand. He goes beyond just the physical portion of the pitching mechanics with his athletes. He taps into their nervous system and really seeks out ways to improve the athletes ability to throw a baseball very efficiently. Listen in on this episode to get inside the mind of Lantz Wheeler just briefly.. you won’t regret it!

You can find Lantz on Instagram – LantzWheeler25 and on Twitter – @LantzWheeler

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The Robby Row Show – Episode 23

Introduction of Guest – Lantz Wheeler
* When did your passion for baseball start?
* Why did you fall in love with the game?

Subject – Trust What You Feel
* How did you come up with the idea behind Core Velo Belt?
* What has the feedback been like from the athletes?
* Biggest success story?

Subject – Pieces of the Puzzle
* What are your most important coaching principles?
* Individualize programs?
* Throwing regimes?
* Velo – Command – Recovery