For most of you this will be a lot of information to take in so please if you have any questions just shoot a comment down below and we’ll get a good conversation going about why i like to use this drill.

Also, this is something that works for me and my body/arm which doesn’t necessarily mean it will click for you

Ok, with that said.. the first thing I absolutely love about the Kershaw drill is simply giving you a feel for where your body is at points where it needs to be the most powerful. A lot of young throwers will tend to “leak out” trying to create false momentum thinking that will allow them to throw harder. This drill simply takes that away because you are straight up and down and have to create true force into the ground on the backside

This drill has helped me really feel the ground force that I apply as well as remaining strong in that back foot.

Now for the ball. I used to struggle with having a lot of wasted movement with my arm.. which caused me to have slower ball speed. This is simply a drill that got my arm into that power position quick and efficient. Now some people will more than likely disagree with this but I believe that if you can just get to the power position efficiently then you’ve cut out a lot of potential wasted movement in the arms.