Wanted to show you guys a preview of a Mechanical Analysis Client that is far from a simplistic solution in my opinion. As you’ll see in the video Junior, my client, has a somewhat unique way of throwing a baseball. This will be a very cool visual of how I go about coaching in these particular cases while having to adapt per individual. After the video I’ll breakdown some more concepts of what I think you can take away from this.

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What Did We Learn

There’s multiple reasons why I wanted to showcase this particular analysis. First being that it’s a unique case of having an athlete who is able to throw at a very high velocity already but is seeking out more help. It’s worth pointing out that Junior later said he’s had a tough time getting a consistent release point which has prevented him from commanding the ball at times.

Second being that it’s a good example of something that appears as different can sometimes be an extreme benefit for the athlete. In this case I look at Junior’s arm action as different but the way he creates a ton of separation is what allows him to throw hard.

Third being the concept of the body not being able to unlock movement potential that is has. As I pointed out in the video Junior has the hip movement capacity that should be translating to the mound but for some reason the body is protecting itself from those positions. My encouragement to Junior was to train the positions and own the positions so the brain can then have a better understanding of what Junior’s movement potential really is.

As you saw in that one clip of the simple reverse lunge throwing drill how much Junior’s delivery cleaned up. Now it’s about instilling those motor control patterns with intentional repetitions over and over again. Remember, it’s about finding those really good windows of mechanical efficiency, which is going to look different for every athlete, then hammering intentional repetitions to then instill those motor control patterns.



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