I know I know.. what a hot take right? Best Curveball in Major League Baseball!? Nahhh.. that goes to guys like Verlander, Nola, Bauer, Morton, Berrios, etc.. Well Jordan Lyles struck out 8 Padres last night on his Curveball totally 12 for the game which was his career high. I know Jordan Lyles isn’t a household name.. yet. What he showed me in his outing against San Diego was a very elite Curveball based on the swings/non swings he was getting on it PLUS what his Pitch Data shows. Dive into this video for the full breakdown including highlights, data analytics, sabermetrics, and much more!








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Jordan Lyles struck out a career high 12 last night, 8 of which coming on his CB. Lets listen to his Pitch Analytics for his CB to see if it’s here to stay.