In episode 19 of The Robby Row Show I have the absolute honor of sitting down with JJ Morris, owner and operator of strong eight gym, to go over the common misconceptions in the strength training world and how it relates to baseball.

If you are interested in how to properly train yourself to optimize your performance on the field then this is the podcast for you!

You can find Strong Eight on Instagram : @strongeight

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Show Notes Below

The Robby Row Show – Episode 19

Introduction of Guest – Joshuah Morris
* Past athletic experience
* When/How did strength coaching start?
Strength Training
* How do we train to manipulate what we do on the field?
* What are the differences between mobility and flexibility?
* Misconceptions between strength training and mobility? How do we be optimal utilizing them both?
* Force Velocity Curve – Transfer of Power

Baseball Performance
* Why should a baseball player strength train? At what age is it optimal?
* How do we APPLY the strength we’ve trained for onto the field?
* Difference between pitchers and position players in the weight room?
* I’ve seen the pitchers you train.. huge.. is that on purpose? Why is there a misconception about pitchers shouldn’t pack so much muscle on?
* Direct correlation to the strength in the weight room to the power output on the field?

Strength Training vs Injury Prevention
* What’s the difference?
* Bodies adaptation to load.

Instagram Questions

* I see a lot of bands on your Instagram stories.. what do they do?
* How is a zerker squat not painful?
* How can I gain strength but not get a gym membership?
* How important is it to have someone watch you while you train?

Where can the listeners find you? Social media outlets?

Sign Off – Thank you JJ