In episode 29 of The Robby Row Show I have the privilege to record with a baseball legend in Jerry Weinstein. Jerry has been coaching for quite some time now having got into coaching immediately after his playing career ended his senior season at UCLA. Jerry has coached in high school, college, professional and even international. He most recently coached Team Israel in the 2017 WBC!

You can follow Jerry on twitter where he’s most active -> https://twitter.com/JWonCATCHING
He also has an instructional YouTube Channel -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVoy0b_-Ra1t09cC1Hu_w4Q
Be sure to check out his website as well https://www.weinsteinbaseball.com

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Jerry’s Show Notes

The Robby Row Show – Episode

Introduction of Guest – Jerry Weinstein (I’ll go thru introduction in pre-roll)
* When did you fall in love with the game?
* At what point did you realize you wanted to coach?

Subject – Instructing Catchers
* Do you like to have your catchers call their own game?
* Importance of Pitch Presentation
* Backbone – leaders of the diamond

Subject – How can I be better?
* What would you advise our listeners to do if they wanted to catch?
* Who are your favorite catchers to watch and why?

Subject – International Coaching
* What’s the baseball like internationally?
* Is there a drastic change from how we play?

Subject – Biggest piece of advice?
* Out of all the things you’ve published, if you can sum up one message for our audience what would it be?