In episode 22 of The Robby Row Show I bring on adventure athlete Jeremy Anderson to pick his brain on all things adventure sports. We discuss the reasons for doing what he does as well as how it all got started. A big topic of todays podcast in my opinion was “Flow State” and how that can benefit any person or athlete. I find direct correlations throughout the show in regards to being an adventure athlete in that state of mind compared to being a pitcher on a baseball field. You can follow Jeremy on Instagram @jskiclimb

Todays sponsor of the podcast is The GO Life. The GO Life is a brain and body optimization supplement dedicated to delivering safe, clean, and transparent focus, energy, endurance without the side effects. Jeremy actually goes on to explain in further detail why he chooses to use GO Life during his everyday routine. You can find GO Life on www.thegolife.com or on instagram @thegolife

The Robby Row Show – Episode 22

Introduction of Guest – Jeremy Anderson
* Pro adventure athlete!? What does that entail?
* What made you want to live this life?
* Any particular moment you recalled you were made for adventure?

Subject – Flow State
* What is the sensation?
* Why do you seek that?
* How can we get in that state of mind?

Subject – The Go Life
* Why do you choose?
* How is it beneficial?

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