In episode 24 of The Robby Row Show I sit down with Jason Romano (IG-jasonromano) and dive into the subject of Faith n Sports. This was a really fun episode for me to record because I get to share my faith a bit with Jason. You really get a first hand look at some of the incredible things God can do with the platform that He has blessed you with. Jason is a walking example of a man seeking God’s Kingdom. When I originally heard that Jason had walked away from his job at ESPN that he had for 17 years I thought this guy was out of his mind. But listening to him speak now and hearing how he is using his platform for the advancement of God’s kingdom.. man there is nothing ko-ko about that! Listen in as we go over Jason’s story which is highlighted by his faith walk and love for sports! You can find all of the links to everything in the show notes over at www.therobbyrowshow.com/jasonromano/

At this time I would like to talk about the sponsor of todays episode ChristLife. ChristLife is a brand dedicated to reminding people of who they are according to who God says they are and not men. The whole brand is based off of Genesis 1:26 where the Bible talks about how we were created in God’s image. When you look in the book of Genesis, you see that everything in this world was spoken into existence except for us, we are the only ones the God created with His bare hands. This is the very reason why things like depression, fear and worry have no power over us. When you understand the DNA that you carry, you realize that we were created to overcome these obstacles and thats what our brand represents.


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The Robby Row Show – Episode 24

Introduction of Guest – Jason Romano
* Sports background?
* How did you get to working with ESPN?

Subject – Book – Live to Forgive
* What inspired this book?
* What can someone expect to learn by reading this book?

Subject – Being a Light Where You Are
* How has your faith evolved since being at ESPN
* What is something all christian athletes can do to grow in faith during season?

Subject – Sports Spectrum Podcast
* How did this come about?
* What is your reasoning behind starting it?
* What type of guests?
* How can we find it?