In episode 70 of The Robby Row Show I sit down to chat with Jared Gaynor. Never have spoken to Jared until this call and we totally hit it off. I knew it was going to be a good conversation just by looking at Jared’s IG feed and blogs. We are very passionate about the art of Pitching and you totally get a sense for that during this episode. We could of went on for multiple hours geeking out about all things pitching.

Jared and I dive into his background as a player, his career as it stands right now as he transitions into more of a coaching role, helpful insights on how to build a good routine in-season, a couple drills that have helped him in a velocity jump, and what goes into teaching an athlete to understand personal cues for his development.

See below for topics of todays show, Jared’s links in where you can find him, as well as todays episodes sponsor info!

Topics In Todays Show
* Passion For Baseball
* Teaching The Game
* Paralysis By Analysis
* Tommy John Surgery
* Driveline
* Rehab
* Routines
* Long Toss
* Lead Leg Blocking
* Pitching Mechanics
* Velocity Jump
* Personal Cues

Jared Gaynor Links

IG – instagram.com/gsp_training
Twitter – twitter.com/gsp_training
Website – http://www.gaynorstrength-pitching.com

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