In episode 47 of The Robby Row Show I sit down with “Do You Even Move” founder Jared Forestieri. Jared is a former baseball player who took his passion in baseball and transformed it into a passion to help fellow athletes, as well as non athletes, to move extremely well. We dive into all the highly popular training topics as well as something that I found fascinating in gaining strength through strictly just moving better!

Jared Forestieri – www.instagram.com/jared_dyem

Topics In Todays Show 
* 🔹 Jared’s Background
* 🔹 Training Human Performance
* 🔹 Changing Passions
* 🔹 DYEM
* 🔹 Moving Efficiently
* 🔹 Everyday Assessment
* 🔹 Low Risk High Reward
* 🔹 Everything Matters
* 🔹 Strength Gains Thru Movement
* 🔹 Smarter Not Harder
* 🔹 Stick Mobility
* 🔹 Barefoot Training
* 🔹 Social Channels

Links Talked About In Todays Episode:
StickMobility.com Discount Code: stickandmove
The Ultimate Sandbag – https://amzn.to/2U6tFsF

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