I’ve said this a lot of times before but I really don’t want to be known for being the “mechanics” guy.. First n foremost I think athleticism is the biggest trump card. But I do believe in optimal/efficient positions that we should strive to get into during our delivery. Now remember, we aren’t going to be perfect and everyone’s optimal positions are different.

🚨Freeze Frame 1 – Front hip counter rotates, front heel is shown to be pointed at the plate for optimal closure of front side to build up torque/tension.

🚨Freeze Frame 2 – Full separation of the hands shows ball is completely out “on-time” giving his body time to sync up and operate without being rushed. Head is stacked over his back side for optimal force production and better timing.

🚨Freeze Frame 3 – Approaching front foot strike hand is up in an efficient position while glove arm compliments. Throwing arm separated from front hip increasing elasticity therefore increasing torque. Back hip has yet to begin the rotation process showing efficient use of optimizing the rotation of the hips.
🎥 – MLB tv (edit myself)

💥 I do offer a Mechanical Video Analysis on my website – comment below if you’re interested in having me analyze your delivery.