In episode 62 of The Robby Row Show I sit down with Entrepreneur James Swanwick. I get so fascinated with guys like James and the story he shares about how he got to where he is currently in life. I know that this isn’t the typical guest on my Podcast but I do like stepping out of the norm from time to time to give my audience some “real life” insight on how to improve your life.

James has been an ESPN Anchor, Author, Journalist, Podcast Host, and now entrepreneur. Listen in to how James believes you can better improve your life.

For Links on where to find James online or for Links on where to purchase the Blue Light Blocking Glasses that we talk about on the show – See Below.

Topics In Todays Show
* Back Story
* Sports Background
* Working For Yourself
* Swanwick Sleep
* Importance Of Sleep
* What Is Blue Light
* Manipulate Environment
* Coffee
* Nutrition
* Paleo
* Seeking Wise Council
* Conclusion

James Swanwick Links
IG – www.instagram.com/jamesswanwick
Website – http://jamesswanwick.com
YouTube – Ours VideoYour World
Twitter – Follow

Sponsors: Swanwick Sleep

Website – https://www.swanwicksleep.com?rfsn=2320702.b2a4d0


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