In episode 28 of The Robby Row Show I chat it up with my boy Jack Flaherty, starting pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Yeah, Jack may be leading all rookies in strikeouts right now but I just wanted to hear him talk about Kobe, in n out, and star wars lol just kidding.. well kind of. Listen in as Jack and I go over his unique journey from being an infielder to then a first round draft pick out of Harvard Westlake HS as a pitcher in 2014!

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Show Notes

The Robby Row Show – Episode 28

Rapid Fire Q&A
* Favorite Movie?
* Favorite City?
* Favorite Ballpark?
* Best Baseball Memory
* Favorite Burger Spot
* Favorite Star Wars Character?
* Best basketball player of all-time?
* Prediction of Lakers next season

Introduction of Guest – Jack Flaherty
* What was your athletic background growing up?
* Favorite sport?
* High School career

Subject – Draft – 1st Round
* Projected first round?
* Did you want to hit?
* College?

Subject – Mindset
* What do you tell yourself before games?
* Pitch routine?
* Dealing with failure
* Dealing with success