Bringing The Independent Baseball Grind to Life


Ever wonder what it’s like to be an Independent Baseball Player? Still professional baseball but not affiliated with the MLB organizations. Here I’ll take you on a journey of life in Indy Ball. The Indy Ball Vlog is a 17 Episode Vlog Series that highlights Robby Rowland’s entire 2021 Season showcasing all the behind the scenes content you could ever want! Hope you enjoy! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all the quality Baseball content!

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Indy Ball Vlog Playlist


Episode 1 – Road Trip

Road Trip Life heading to Avon, OH for the 2021 Independent Baseball Season! 




Episode 2 – 1st Day at The Yard

Join me on my first day at my new home for the 2021 Season playing for the Lake Erie Crushers of the Frontier League. I’ll be showing you the ball field, what I bring to throw with everyday, my warmup routine, the home locker room, training room, my hotel setup, some scooter swag, and more! 



Episode 3 – Picture Day

Every Vlogger has to love picture day!! You already know I’m going to have some fun with this one lol. Not only will this Vlog feature picture day but I’ll also show you a couple of different days at the field including our first exhibition game of the 2021 Season!





Episode 4 – Mic’d Up Start Day

Something I’ve wanted to do since I got into creating content.. mic’d up pitching in a live game. Unfortunately the mic placement is pretty tough in a baseball uniform so wasn’t able to capture a lot of audio but still turned out good nonetheless. Facing my own team in an Intersquad and showing you guys the entire process going into a start including the warmup, catch play, bullpen, and more. 





Episode 5 – Happy Opening Day

How is Opening Day not a national holiday!? On this episode of The Indy Ball Vlog I’ll be taking you inside the 2021 Frontier League Opening Day in Avon, OH as we take on the Southern Illinois Miners AKA my former team. I’ll be wearing a GoPro on my head for the actual game so when I say “Up close n personal” I actually mean it lol.



Episode 6 – The Day After a Start

Let me show you what the Day after a Start Day looks like as I’ll take you thru my routine at the field as well as in the weight room. Also we’ll get to have a little fun before/after the game with the fans including signing autographs!






Episode 7 – Start Day on The Road

Episode 7 of The #IndyBallVlog features an inside look at a Start Day on the road, on a getaway day, and the 2nd game of a double header. This Vlog also includes the first appearance of a Home Run Derby to decide the outcome of the game so don’t want to miss this one! 




Episode 8 – My Work Week

Episode 8 of The #IndyBallVlog will give you an up close look at my work week as a starting pitcher leading up to start day. Unfortunately this week I was dealing with some big time Pitcher Probs due to my nail ripping then not being able to get into the nail salon so we’re grinding lol.




Episode 9 – A Trip to The DL

On Episode 9 of The #IndyBallVlog you’ll be able to join me as I take an unfortunate trip to the place where no ball player likes to visit.. the Disabled List or I guess it’s called the Injured List nowadays. Anyways still solid content as I show you what it’s like coming back from a minor setback during the season. 





Episode 10 – Photoshoots, Autographs, + Fireworks

On Episode 10 of The #IndyBallVlog you’re going to see an eventful day at the yard consisting of a photoshoot during a workout, mic’d up throwing + shagging batting practice, signing autographs, unboxing new gloves, and watching fireworks! What more could you want in a Vlog!? 





Episode 11 – Happy 4th of July

On Episode 11 of The #IndyBallVlog get ready for some FIREWORKS.. both literal and figuratively since the Crushers get a big W at home! I feel like Vlogging on the 4th of July is absolutely mandatory right? Hope you guys enjoy this 4th of July Vlog Episode!





Episode 12 – Hashtag DL Life

On Episode 12 of The #IndyBallVlog join me as I bring you into the life of a Professional Indy Ball Player who just so happens to be on the Inured List… Obviously not the ideal situation but if you know me you know that I try to make the most of every situation/circumstance that comes my way.





Episode 13 – How Quickly Things Change

On Episode 13 of The #IndyBallVlog You’ll get to see it first hand look at the business side of the beautiful game of baseball…I will bring you behind the scenes of the midseason transaction that saw my time with the Lake Erie Crushers come to an end and my time with the New York Boulders begin. 





Episode 14 – Baseball’s Back in Canada

On Episode 14 of The #IndyBallVlog you’ll get an up close n personal look to what life on the road is like in Professional Baseball. We’ll be taking 2 different trips with the highlight being a trip to Canadian land for the first time in my professional career. Vlogging at the boarder is frowned upon. You’ll also get a chance to see the days leading up to my debut with the New York Boulders. We were the first professional team to cross the boarder and play a sport since the pandemic so you’ll understand why the atmosphere was absolutely electric! 





Episode 15 – Pitchers BP + Start Day Vibes

On Episode 15 of The #IndyBallVlog you’ll see some never before seen content of PITCHER’S BATTING PRACTICE!! Yeah that’s right.. the real show lol. Had no intentions of Vlogging on that particular day but when they mentioned Pitchers BP I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity! 





Episode 16 – In Season Instability

On Episode 16 of The #IndyBallVlog you’ll get a front row seat to the instability of being a professional baseball player. Always having to adapt to immediate changes in living situations and lifestyle all while having to make the necessary adjustments to perform at the highest level



Episode 17 – Saving The Best For Last