Think about the drastic changes in technology over the past decade.. think about how that is changing the game of baseball as we know it. Us as Pitchers have so many useful tools at the tips of our fingers. We literally have a super nice video camera usually in our pocket at all times. Utilize it! 

This video below was taken a couple years ago during the offseason. I was coming off a year in which my stuff was “good” but I was getting barreled a bit. I was having a difficult time figuring out why hitters seemed to not have any problem with my stuff even tho my general perception of my stuff was fairly good. 

In the offseason I took it upon myself to figure out “why” behind this. Turns out, as you can see in this video, that from the hitters perspective I’m showing the ball fairly early. This typically leads to the hitter gaining a bit more comfort at the dish. Even if the hitter isn’t looking for a Pitcher to “show the ball” it still gives them sort of a comfort level at the dish. We talk a lot about pitchers being “deceptive” which leads to being hard to hit. Well how can we go about developing deception? Like I mentioned earlier when I put the camera in the batters box I was given a clear view of what a Right Handed Hitter could see. It turns out that when I separated my hands the ball was being shown. For me to counter this I needed to find a way to not show the ball at separation.

For me I am someone that will utilize every resource I have to get an edge. Whether it be the use of technology or just old fashioned communication with a hitter in attempt to get some answers. You will get a ton of clarity if you just ask one of your teammates, that’s a hitter, to step in the box during a bullpen or Live BP to give you some feedback. These little conversations will go a longgggg way in your development process!




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