For the average Baseball Fan you’ve recognized the season Lucas Giolito had in 2019. A season in which he was named an American League All Star after being on the verge of being labeled a “bust.” He went thru a complete overhaul of his arm path as highlighted here that has led to a dominating year in 2019. Today I’ll breakdown the mechanical differences I see in Giolito in 2019 compared to 2018 that helped him increase his velocity by nearly 2 MPH in one year. I will also include a video that MLB Network did during the All Star Game on the change in Lucas Giolito’s Arm Action at the bottom so you can hear from him on what changes transpired during the off season. Here’s some further links to consider checking out.

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I want to be clear in the fact that Giolito has always been an absolute stud. This isn’t a guy who made an adjustment and all the sudden was a somebody.

I’ve been very open with my own personal struggles as it pertains to this topic. I first went thru a change in arm path in my 2nd year of Pro Ball because I wanted to add movement to my Fastball. That led me down a path of.. well.. let’s not go too far into it. Long story short I wasn’t efficient and my Velocity took a hit.

Among many other adjustments both physically and mentally I made I was able to get back to what I would call an Athletic n Efficient arm path. As you’ll see in the post I incorporated a Connection Ball to help instill that efficient pattern because it’s one thing to just say but a totally different thing to actually put into action.

I’m NOT saying that every single Pitcher in the world should throw a similar way because we know that’s the beauty of this game in that everyone does things differently. But there’s always something to be said about efficient movement patterns.

Here’s a great article on Giolito’s 2019 success


Pitch Metric Differences



  • 92.4 Avg MPH
  • 2099 Avg Spin Rate
  • 8.8 Avg Vertical Movement
  • 210 Degree Axis



  • 94.2 Avg MPH
  • 2333 Avg Spin Rate
  • 10.2 Avg Vertical Movement
  • 203 Degree Axis








Charts taken from Brooks Baseball 

Giolito’s Arm Path






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