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In episode 46 of The Robby Row Show I sit down with one of my personal favorite hitting guys on Instagram in Ryan Fuller. Ryan has played college baseball as well as professional baseball in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. Ryan now takes his knowledge into teaching the art of hitting as well as utilizing specific data metrics to not only establish a great competitive environment for his athletes but to make the game really fun for those he’s instructing. Tune into this episode to learnall about Ryan’s approaches to hitting and how he uses the new data from certain products to see results.


Ryan Fuller Instagram

Topics In Todays Show

? Ryan’s background
? Networking
? Understanding “Why”
? Making Quality Posts
? Utilizing Data
? Launch Angle
? Timing
? Working Opportunity
? Student Of The Game
? Power Demands
? Front Leg Mechanics
? Professional Filter
? Athleticism
? Fuller hitting


Links Talked About In Todays Episode

HitTrax – HitTraxhttps://www.hittraxbaseball.com/
4D Motion – https://4dmotionsports.com/#/
Rapsodo – https://rapsodo.com
Back Spin Tee – https://amzn.to/2RXPutn
Blast Motion – https://amzn.to/2CQruns
MLB Data – www.baseballsavant.com
K-Motion – https://www.k-motion.com/k-baseball-info


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