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Quality First Pitch Strikes






0-0 Pitches in order of video:
* 4seam FB Arm Side
* 2seam FB Glove Side
* Curveball Middle Down
* Cutter Glove Side Up

Everyone knows that the importance of getting ahead in counts is crucial to determining success of that particular at bat. I think the avg goes up some .200 points when a hitter gets 1-0 and vice versa when a pitcher gets 0-1

What I want to talk about is the importance of making “Quality” 0-0 pitches to get ahead of the count. Don’t just think that you need to throw meat balls early in counts and that you’re being effective if you do that because sometimes they take it or sometimes they foul it off because they haven’t timed you up. I’m not saying this to put any extra pressure on you but I am saying that the higher you go up in baseball the better these hitters get at timing you up first pitch

A lot of power guys won’t want to get deep into counts to avoid the possible strikeout so they especially are hacking early as well. Most damage by these guys are done early in counts because pitchers are so conscious on getting ahead that they forget about quality of the pitch

Now this doesn’t mean don’t throw a Fastball. By all means if the heater is your best pitch then attack with that. But it’s about the quality of the pitch. Maybe you don’t have to think 1/3’s early in counts but you definitely have to think 1/2’s. What I mean by that is splitting the plate in either 1/3’s or 1/2’s

Breaking balls are good early in the counts as well. Having the ability to have a breaking ball you show for a strike early then can come back with that same breaker but maybe a little tighter and out of the zone is a huge benefit for a pitcher



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