Today we’re going to talk about execution while identifying the particular sequence. First I’m going to show you the video clip then I’ll break it down. I encourage you to read below the video to get a better understanding of what we’re searching for.






Going over Pitch Execution when you sequence correctly with one of my clients. 

We all know that as a Pitcher Fastball command is crucial. If you don’t have Fastball command you’re going to have a really hard time at getting consistent outs. 

In this particular situation Tye went:

  • 0-0 Fastball miss
  • 1-0 Curveball strike
  • 1-1 Fastball miss
  • 2-1 Curveball strike


Tye’s 2 Fastballs in this AB were non competitive. Meaning the hitter didn’t have to compete in that particular pitch. They were balls out of the hand. 

Tye was able to get back into the count with his Curveball. 

After throwing 2 Curveballs behind in the count to even it up at 2-2 I called for Fastball In knowing that the way we sequenced this guy it would be extremely difficult for him to get to that pitch not having seen a well located Fastball. 

In reality I don’t believe Tye needed to pinpoint this Fastball location. I think middle-in would of accomplished the goal. Instead obviously as you see the pitch is middle-away which potentially gives the hitter more time to get to it. 

There’s a couple golden nuggets here.. 

⁣✅ We don’t want to fall into patterns

⁣✅ We want to pitch to our strengths

⁣✅ We NEED to command the fastball




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