A popular consensus that the great Nolan Ryan once spoke on was the importance of a high leg lift, or kick, to be able to throw hard the ball at a maximum power output.. But was he right?

In this breakdown we will look at how Nathan Eovaldi was able to throw 100 MPH without really lifting his lead leg. This is my personal opinion on the matter and believe that every individual is going to be different in how they accomplish throwing a baseball at maximum power output.

View my Breakdown on Nathan Eovaldi’s Mechanics so you can have some context into what I already see him do extremely well from a mechanical standpoint.



100 MPH Quick Pitch




For me personally I believe that in order to throw at an EXTREMELY HIGH power output one must recruit a ton of the bodies muscles while delivering a pitch. I’ve spoken on how most individuals don’t accomplish this due to either movement/strength capacity limitations or poor motor control. As you see in this video Eovaldi actually gets into a “more efficient” power position when he quick pitches. How? Since he bypasses his leg lift he knows that in order to be on time he must then get straight into his hip hinge which actually allows him to sink deeper into his glutes while delivering the pitch.

I spoke on this “Glute Engagement” in my Blog A Common Mechanical Breakdown that I’d encourage you to check out.

Are you someone that struggles getting into “efficient” positions during your delivery?



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