I want you guys to take note of the way Eovaldi sits on those glutes and uses his whole foot to push down into the ground applying maximal ground force throughout his delivery. Also take note of his back knee direction.. straight towards his target in a linear fashion with no misdirection. I see a lot of guys that struggle with this movement. I’m not saying that it’s an easy movement to apply to your delivery but this is something that I would consider extremely efficient. You’ll notice how his back knee doesn’t crack in front of that foot which typically causes a misdirection in the lower half which needs to be corrected by the trunk. I’m just a huge fan of the way this dude moves. I often teach the importance of utilizing our whole back foot when applying force into the ground. The longer we can stay connected with that heel the more force we can produce and efficiently transfer forward. 

The biggest misconception that I see is younger aspiring pitchers just think they need to get into the weight room and lift heavy weights thinking that will be the key to unlocking velocity. There’s nothing wrong AT ALL with getting in the weight room to increase strength.. but I think it’s important to note that if you don’t properly apply your strength into your delivery then it really does a disservice. 

The reason why Eovaldi throws as frickin hard as he does isn’t just because he is arguably one of the strongest pitchers out there. The dude moves super efficient and he uses a combination of a strong body, good movement capacity, and a lightning quick arm all when throwing a baseball. Now the question is “How do I get there?” well let’s get to work son!

Here’s the article on Eovaldi being a beast in the weight room – https://theathletic.com/867621/2019/03/14/nathan-eovaldi-workout-warrior/

If you’re interested in what I believe “efficient mechanics” look like then sign up for a Mechanical Analysis by clicking here – https://therobbyrowshow.com/mechanical-video-analysis/