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In episode 48 of The Robby Row Show I have the absolute privilege of talking with Dr. Emily Splichal who is a… ready for it… Functional podiatrist, human movement specialist, global educator in barefoot science, author, innovator, bodyweight athlete, and an Aerialist! This is an absolute gem of a podcast! She gives great information as to how to truly optimize your life all starting with your feet! Give it a listen and let me know what you think!


Topics In Todays Show

* ? Dr. Emily’s Background
* ? Inappropriate Moving Patterns
* ? Foundation Concepts
* ? Cueing The Breath
* ? Breathing Activation – PRI
* ? What Are The Benefits
* ? Correlation Amongst Athletes
* ? Compensation
* ? Why Train Barefoot
* ? Dangers Of Wearing Shoes
* ? Biohacks

Dr. Emily Splichal Links

IG – www.instagram.com/dremilydpm
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Doctor_Legs
Website – https://www.dremilysplichal.com
Website – https://www.ebfaglobal.com

Links Talked About In Todays Episode

Dr. Emily’s Book – https://amzn.to/2PkOOeT
Holotropic Breathwork Book – https://amzn.to/2UdABUN
Holotropic Breathing Book – https://holotropicbreathworkla.com/how-to-do-holotropic-breathwork


Thank you to Emily and her company Naboso Technology for sponsoring todays episode! Designed for optimizing stimulation during training and rehab. Visit www.nabosotechnology.com – enter ‘ROBBY’ to receive 15% off.


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