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Robby Rowland – Driveline Plyocare Ball Routine

Simple low intensity series of the plyoball routine that I will use 2-3 times per week in season and 4-5 times per week out of season. Intensity varies, # of throws vary, types of throws will stay the same. I do not take any credit in this routine. This was created by...

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Kershaw Drill w/ Arm Patterning

For most of you this will be a lot of information to take in so please if you have any questions just shoot a comment down below and we’ll get a good conversation going about why i like to use this drill. Also, this is something that works for me and my body/arm which...

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Pitching Drills – Front Foot Elevated Dry Throws

A popular topic within the pitching mechanics realm is what should that front leg be doing at ball release and even slightly after? Some people have a slight bend in their front knee. While some people have a very stiff front knee. We hear the talk about the “C” quite...

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