In episode 18 of The Robby Row Show I sit and talk with Dr. Tommy John Jr. Tommy is a Chiropractor who excels in training and injury prevention. Doc has 17 years of experience in performance and healing. Great conversation between the two of us on not how we can optimize athletic performance but how we can optimize human life. The power is within you!

This episode is sponsored by Tommy’s book: Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance! You can pick up his book on Amazon!

Show Notes 

Instagram – drtommyjohn
Twitter – @DrTommyJohnDC

The Robby Row Show – Episode 18

Introduction of Guest – Dr. Tommy John
* Training/Injury expert – What got you started?
* What fueled your passion?
* Baseball Background? THE Tommy John.

Subject – Writing A Book – Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance
* What inspired you to write a book?
* What are some of the concepts in this book?

Subject – The Rise of Tommy John
* Why are we seeing this in pitchers today?
* What is the most important thing to teach your son/daughter
* Why is it beneficial to move/play multiple sports?

Subject – Making It Known
* How can we do a better job of relaying this information to the youth?
* What are the immediate things needing to change?

Instagram Questions
* “How can you rehab shoulder tendonitis?”
* “Favorite beach meditation spot?”
* “How does it feel to have your name associated with something so devastating?”