In episode 20 of The Robby Row Show I finally get to sit down with Dr. Josh Heenan (@drheenan) and discuss his ever so popular 90+mph Formula.

Listen in as Josh and I discuss the importance of developing an individualized approach to increasing velocity and preventing drastic injury. Josh and his team Advanced Therapy Performance (@advancedtherapyperformance) have come up with a formula in which time and time again it has proved to not only increase ball speed but also decrease the risk of UCL injury in the athlete. What I love about this formula is it’s not just a couple guys saying this to promote their company. There is scientific research behind this and the “why” it works makes total sense.

I want to take this time to thank our sponsor for this episode – Advanced Therapy Performance – Yes, Josh Heenan’s group.

Baseball development has historically been a guessing game in hopes that you are making progress type until now. The Advanced Therapy and Performance team has developed the 90mph formula which systematically develops 90+mph throwers, sub 6.5 60 sprinters, all while decreasing the incidence of UCL surgeries.

The ATP remote coaching platform offers the same quality of service offered on site anywhere in the world. By treating each athlete as an individual with unique needs and goals, layered with their Movement, Orthopedic, and Performance screen; they are able to streamline the development process all for under $50/month. Use link below to get started today!


They will enter their email at the bottom of the page, they will then receive a follow up email with the final details of the program/on-boarding.

Upon signing up use the code ‘robby’ and you will receive $100 dollars off!

Stop guessing with your development and start getting results.

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