In episode 31 of The Robby Row Show I sit down with DJ Murakami – you can find him on instagram (and I highly recommend you shoot him a follow)https://www.instagram.com/strongcamps/

DJ and I dive into his background and how he has gotten to the place in his life right now. DJ has a fascinating take on why he is training and what being human strong actually looks like.

DJ currently runs a practice in which he teaches individuals how to properly move and be strong for everyday life tasks.

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The Robby Row Show – Episode

Introduction of Guest – D.J Murakami
* What is it that you do currently?
* When did you decide you wanted to embark on that journey?
* What is your background in any type of athletic sports?

Subject – Different Approach
* Not like any other training coach
* Explain some of the things that go into your coaching style
* Going off IG page it looks different – mobility + strength

Subject – Baseball Related Strength
* Can ball players benefit from your type of training?
* Injury risk?
* Controlling the body – understanding the body