Gotta show some love to my boy Dak after his sensational Springy T outing today heckuva job brother.

Want to highlight this specific at-bat because I think it’s a good teaching point for fellow pitchers..

It’s a very fine line when you’re way ahead in the count because you know that you don’t want to deliver a pitch 0-2 that can potentially be hit cause no one likes 0-2 hits.. then you get to 1-2 and still in that same situation where you want to throw something NASTY to get a K but usually leads to “doing too much” or “over-throwing”

I’m not saying Dakota did just that but I know it’s a grey area as far as trusting our stuff to stay super aggressive 0-2,1-2.. and not thinking in the back of our head “don’t give up a hit”

Dakota does a fantastic job at collecting himself 2-2, trusting his nasty stuff, and executing exactly what he wanted to do with that slider.