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In episode 78 of The Robby Row Show I bring on Brett Cummins to talk all things Strength and Conditioning within the world of Baseball Performance.

Brett attended Georgia State University on an athletic scholarship, and played soccer for GSU, competing in the Colonial Athletic Association. While at GSU, Brett earned two degrees. He received a B.S. in Exercise Science, and a B.A. in History, as well as a minor in Sociology. 

Brett, is currently a performance coach at 180 Sports Performance in Hoschton, Georgia, where he works with general population clients, youth athletes, and professional athletes. Brett, also directs and programs strength programs at Devine Baseball in Buford, GA, working with pitchers at all age levels. See topics below.



Topics In Todays Show

  • College Soccer Player
  • Soccer Training to Baseball Training
  • Writing Blogs
  • Bench Pressing
  • Overhead Pressing
  • Increasing Velocity
  • Plane Specific Power
  • Med Ball Training
  • Rest Period
  • Year Around Sports
  • Mobility/Stability 
  • Soreness After Workout


Brett Cummins Links

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/brett_cummins/ 

Website – https://brettcumminstraining.com 


Links From Today’s Episode

Brett’s Blogs – https://brettcumminstraining.com/blog 

Tony Gentilcore – https://tonygentilcore.com 

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