Breaking down how to effectively control the running game while you’re pitching with guys on base but still executing quality pitches. This is what I call “CRG” – Controlling Running Game. A crucial piece to ones development as you pitch at higher levels of organized Baseball.

There’s multiple ways to control the running game from the pitching standpoint. Our biggest emphasis is always going to be pitch execution but we also need to be able to execute pitches while giving our catcher an opportunity to throw out the runner if he chooses to steal. Some ways we can control the running game are as follows:

  • Vary our times to home plate
  • Vary our looks
  • Pickoffs and Step Offs
  • Quick Step or Slide Steps
  • Hold The Ball
  • Vary our holds

Here’s a quick video breakdown of something I like to do when controlling the running game.






Pick Before Set






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