In episode 39 of The Robby Row Show I am accompanied by Eric Cressey. Eric is one of the best baseball trainers out there just given his track record. He has worked with guys like Corey Kluber, Max Scherzer, and even Curt Schilling. Eric really doesn’t need an introduction so please do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast! If you have yet to subscribe to The Robby Row Show please do so to get insights on how not only to better your Baseball development but how to improve your life as well! Scroll below to find this episode on other Podcast Platforms as well as other podcast episodes like this one!



* Eric Cressey background
* Training
“The Why” behind training
* Dangers of instant gratification
* Importance of Nutrition and discipline
* Tyler Beede
* Blake Treinen
* Demand for power numbers
* Higher injuries
* Organizational project ability
* Increasing spin rates
* Strength in the right places
* Weighted balls



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