Before you dive into this Post I want to give you some context first. In order to best do that I’d encourage you to check out the Post I published about Instilling Efficient Patterns. This will essentially be a piggy-back Post off of that one. Same athlete here dealing with essentially the same problem within his arm path that we’ve previously corrected but has since come back. The first video will be explaining in detail what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. The second video will be the actual lesson with the athlete. Hope you enjoy and can take something from this. Below you will find Discounts to all of the products utilized in this lesson as well as opportunities to work with me!

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Now I know from the second video you can’t tell much. The thing is I’m not looking for the actual ball speed.. that will come in due time. What I’m looking for is the ball presentation. How is the ball spinning? Does the ball tend to “fade” at the end? Does the ball perceive to have “late life?” These are all really good indicators that we can look at when dealing with an athlete. Obviously the use of Data Analytics can provide absolute answers but for me I can tell just by catching the baseball if it’s doing what we want it to do.


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