Don’t think it’s a secret why Corey Kluber is so good. Dude has an ability to locate 4 plus pitches anytime he wants. What I want to talk about is how we as pitchers can make it extremely tough on the hitter by messing with their perception.

So we know that a hitter makes his decision to swing within the first few milliseconds after ball release.. Don’t quote me on that lol. If we can make 2 pitches look as similar as possible out of the hand and even maybe half-way to home.. it really makes it tough on what the hitter is perceiving.

I remember talking to an ex-MLB hitter when I was w the Dbacks in regards to why Roy Halladay was so dang hard to hit. He said that you basically had to guess on which way the ball was going to go. Halladay did an incredible job of making all of his stuff look the same out of the hand and even deep into the pitch plane.

Hitting is frickin hard.. Pitchers, make it even harder! Lol

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