Here’s a list of everything that goes into what you see from me on all my social platforms! There’s been a ton of trial n error throughout this journey but this is where I’m currently at with all of the products and video editing software I use! Below you’ll find everything from software to products I use both to record video content, edit videos, and even my podcast. As always Contact Me if you have any questions!








I mostly use the Canon m50 since it’s got a longer battery life and won’t overheat like the Sony RX100. But if I’m shooting short clips or even slow motion videos I’ll use the Sony.




Click Here To See Slow Motion Videos







Click Here For Preview Videos



Lens + Attachments


I mostly use the viltrox speed booster w/ EF 16-35mm unless I need something close up then I use the Sigma 10-20mm Lens. I just recently started to use the EF-M 18-150 which is an absolute BEAST of a lens!










I’ll use this iPad for a lot of video stuff as well. The app Coaches Eye + Hudl allow for quick video analysis if I’m not near my computer. To save $40 on Coaches Eye Subscription click HERE



Storage + Memory

When you’re a content machine like me you gotta have a lot of storage space.. I have so many 1 TB hard drives but recently I started getting the 4 + 5 TB ones listed below. Also now that I’m doing a lot of recording in 4K I’m having to use a higher memory SD card that you’ll see below.



Editing Software

This has been one of the main trial n error things. Started with just regular iMovie on a MacBook and then stepped up to the big leagues using Adobe Premiere.

My favorite software as of right now is ScreenFlow which lets me record my screen and talk over. I use this software for basically everything right now. Here’s a preview of what this software looks like. Jacob deGrom + Luke Weaver – Forward Momentum Breakdown.

If I’m in need of a quick Video Analysis I’ll turn to the iPad and use Coaches Eye which will allow me to send directly to my client via text. Here’s a video preview of a breakdown I did on Coaches Eye. Gerrit Cole + Jacob deGrom – Effortless Velocity. Be sure to click the link above to save $40 on your Coaches Eye Subscription.

For my IG posts like this one I’ll use KeyNote that comes free to those with a Mac.




First n foremost the way I go about recording the interviews is thru Skype or FaceTime and I use ecamm call recorder. It was a one time fee. Here’s the website. https://www.ecamm.com 

Then I use GarageBand to edit the entire podcast up and include pre rolls n post rolls. 

So I record some podcasts just via Skype like mentioned above and then some I record in person which obviously needs a different set of equipment so I’ll mention that below. 




I’ve definitely gotten fancier throughout my Podcasting journey with the purchases of better USB Mics but honestly the Mpow USB Headset was absolutely money! Definitely the best bang for your buck!








Other Items Used

First one is a Zoom Recorder that allows me to record simple Podcast interviews in person.



Here’s a list of some other things I’ve used to help with the portable podcast recording.

Lavalier Mic – https://amzn.to/2X4w74Q

Adapter 4 Recorder – https://amzn.to/2NHOcmi

Dual Attachment – https://amzn.to/2rAbIZD


Honestly it’s going to be real confusing at first but once you get it man it’s simple… I literally youtube videos and teach myself. Here’s my favorite video that explains my setup n system – https://youtu.be/xhesskgmIsQ