In episode 42 of The Robby Row Show I sit down with current St. Louis Cardinal Connor Jones. Connor and I dive into his baseball journey that took him from being drafted out of high school, choosing not to sign, committing and attending University of Virginia, winning a college World Series, being drafted in the 2nd round of the 2016 MLB Draft, to now being in the Arizona Fall League! Connor has quite a journey to share with us today as well as some tips that he has implemented to help him become a prospect on the verge of the big leagues for the St. Louis Cardinals!

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Topics In Todays Show:
* High School Days
* University of Virginia
* College World Series
* Pitching in Big Games
* 2016 MLB Draft
* St. Louis Cardinals
* Turn Off The Brain
* Trust
* Adjusting to Professional Baseball
* Mechanical Cues
* Spin Rates
* Velocity Jumps
* Arizona Fall League

Links Talked About In Todays Episode:
Connor’s lifelong pitching coach –
Connor’s Milb Page –

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