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I tore my Lat throwing a pitch on July 16th. Originally diagnosed with a Grade 2 Lat Strain which surgery wasn’t required. After 6 1/2 months of not much progress as far as heeling goes I knew surgery was going to be the best option to explore if I wanted to further my baseball career. Got the surgery on January 31st and now the quest to regain elite level pitching begins!

If you’re interested in Training like I do, with Dr. Josh Heenan, you can! Dr. Heenan offers an Online Training Service in which he assesses any deficiencies you may have and personally creates a workout program to help you become the athlete you’ve always wanted to be! The best part is.. I can save you $100 on the activation fee!

Heenan Remote Training

You will enter your email at the bottom of the page, you will then receive a follow up email with the final details of the program/on-boarding. Upon signing up use the code “robby” and you will receive $100 dollars off!

What Dr. Heenan and I know, after countless hours of training together, is that I lacked the inability to efficiently engage my trunk when throwing a baseball.. hence the reason for my Lat Surgery because my Lat wanted to compensate and eventually just blew out. Our goal now in coming back is to be 100% sure that when I get back to throwing again I can actively and efficiently engage my trunk. But first I need to have the capacity to do so!

We’ve formulated a unique strength training program to attack my weaknesses and be sure that when I’m ready to throw again that I will be extremely efficient at it.



  • ?Sumo Deadlift Controlled (5×3)
  • ?Pull-Ups To Toes 2 Bar (5xMax)


  • ?Bird Dog DB Row (3×3)
  • ?Cossack Hold BU KB Press (3×5)





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