I want to be very clear here. You’ll hear me say the exact same thing in the video below but I want to make sure I get this point across. I am in no way shape or form saying that Bell Clubs will definitely allow you to reach your Pitching goals. Like with any “tool” or “equipment” there are no guarantees. But I’m an advocate, especially in the game of Baseball, to trying certain protocols out and seeing if you respond well to them.

With that being said I also want to further elaborate on the simple fact that I am not a trainer. I am not certified in anything Strength n Conditioning related so therefore I can not tell you to do an exercise. But I can encourage you due to the simple fact that I’ve responded very well to the utilization of Bell Clubs throughout my career.

Enjoy this video on me diving into my personal opinion on Bell Clubs and why I think they’re the missing link in the world of Pitching Development. I’ll include all the links below.






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